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Schedule of Adaptive Golf Clinics:

First and third Tuesdays, from 10:00 AM to Noon, in cooperation with the Walton Rehab

Wednesdays 10:00 AM to Noon

First and Third Wednesdays 10:00 AM to Noon, in cooperation with Georgia State Golf Association, Adaptive Golf 

Mondays and Fridays, call to coordinate a foursome to play out at a local golf course.

Please call before dropping into a class to because the class can be located at Wedges or at the Patch.

Call (706) 495-4538

Marty Turcios Therapeutic Golf still provides free therapeutic recreation to anyone with a disability using the latest high-tech equipment at
Wedges & Woods Driving Range 3731 Wrightsboro Road Augusta, Georgia.

Our program treats veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries, teens and adults with autism, Down's syndrome and other severe disabilities such as amputees and stroke survivors as well as severe invisible disabilities such as clinical depression, PTSD and others in distress. 

Marty TGF Portrait 2019_edited.jpg

Marty Turcios, golf trailblazer and pioneer in the field of therapeutic golf.

Marty TGF 2017 Paragolfer ball dispenser

BT Ansley, above, used therapeutic golf and the Paramobile pictured, which is an all-terrain wheelchair that can stand participants up, to heal from his massive traumatic brain injury and last Fourth of July he helped set up tables and chairs.  He is very active in the program and walks unaided and knows the schedules of the musicians he follows and texts animatedly.

Marty TGF Homelight logo.png

Welcome to our newest sponsor:  Homelight, which provides marketing referrals to home sellers. 

Enabling people who are disabled

One swing at a time…

We provide medically relevant therapeutic recreation, utilizing golf, on a near daily basis to any severely disabled person in the Central Savannah River Area at no cost to participants with disabilities using the latest high-tech equipment at the finest driving range in the South.


We serve all people with disabilities including veterans, civilians and youths


Why golf?  Golf is an individual sport where a participant can continually challenge themselves, from any level, for a lifetime, long after most traditional therapies usually end.  The “handicap” or “index” scoring system allows people of a variety of abilities to enjoy golf together.  The spacious nature of a golf course is both safer than many exercise areas, with great expanses without hard pavement and the same spaciousness supplies a modicum of privacy for former shut-ins shy around others. 


The game of golf requires the practice of honesty, a valuable attribute offering new levels of interpersonal independence. 


Golf has been known for ages to provide challenges that are similar to everyday life.  Learning how to navigate a golf course, interact with the pro shop to check out a cart, get balls, choose clubs, manage frustration and practice a skill set that can ever be improved teaches students self-directed responsible use of leisure time.  Independent, responsible use of leisure time prevents many side effects of disabilities, such as lethargy and substance abuse. 


Responsible self-directed independence and frustration management skills improve all areas of life.

Who can teach a golf program with the goal of self-directed personal independence and responsibility to people with challenged abilities?


Meet Marty Turcios with 35+ years of continuous experience teaching golf to teens and adults with severe disabilities, as well as having 15 years of experience specifically serving veterans with traumatic brain injuries.  Marty was born with cerebral palsy and has speech and mobility impairments, yet Marty began playing golf as a youth and is an accomplished golfer today.  Marty acquired his Master of Science degree from San Jose State University in Recreational Therapy Administration.  Marty shows by example, daily, that anyone can enjoy golf, especially with today’s latest new adaptive equipment.  When students and patients learn from Marty they feel more able to enjoy golf.


Marty has a unique ability to enable people with different abilities to feel able to enjoy golf because he leads by example with his zero-excuse attitude.



"… My physical therapist told me to try standing unaided for one entire minute.  Marty pointed out that I had been standing unaided for three minutes and I didn’t even notice because I was so focused on the ball…."

  • Quote from a very satisfied student


We are on track, according to our sign-in sheets, to see over 300 separate disabled individual participants before the end of 2018.


Sponsorship and support


In order to better provide access to therapeutic golf without financial, mental or physical barriers, we will hold fundraising events and seek sponsorships from individuals, vendors, merchants, foundations and corporations to benefit the therapeutic and educational programs as well as to support chosen special athletes who may be enabled to compete in larger golf events. 


Dollar to Participant Ratio:

Our cost per year per disabled person for all the therapeutic recreation they can stand is less than $200 dollars.


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