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Board Members are Team Members

Program Director

Who can teach a golf program with the goal of self-directed personal independence and responsibility to people with challenged abilities?


Meet Marty Turcios with 35+ years of continuous experience teaching golf to teens and adults with severe disabilities, as well as having 15 years of experience specifically serving veterans with traumatic brain injuries.  Marty was born with cerebral palsy and has speech and mobility impairments, yet Marty began playing golf as a youth and is an accomplished golfer today.  Marty acquired his Master of Science degree from San Jose State University in Recreational Therapy Administration.  Marty shows by example, daily, that anyone can enjoy golf, especially with today’s latest new adaptive equipment.  When students and patients learn from Marty they feel more able to enjoy golf.


Marty has a unique ability to enable people with different abilities to feel able to enjoy golf because he leads by example with his zero-excuse attitude.

Facility and Equipment Director

Nick Prokosa:  Owner of Wedges & Woods Driving Range which, according to Yelp, is the finest golf training facility in the South.  Nick has a degree in Golf Course Horticulture from the University of Georgia and began working at Wedges & Woods when he was 15 years old.  Nick is the kind of guy who always gives back to his community in every way he can so since the local fire house is actually in the same woods as Wedges & Woods and since Nick is a bit of a night owl, he began working nights as an Emergency Medical Technician in addition to running the driving range.  As an EMT, Nick was severely injured in his thoracic spine resulting is lifelong severe pain and loss of range of motion.  As a man with a severe disability, Nick then began to use golf as his own therapy without any support, in fact, his doctors told him not to golf at all.  When Nick met Marty Turcios, an actual therapist with decades of experience, their wants and needs meshed like a well tuned machine.  Nick has an innate ability to dial in the equipment as he watches people swing and putt.  Using his well-equipped show, Nick customizes clubs and equipment fitting participants needs to a Tee.  Nick is a terrific supporter, offers his driving range as the training facility for the program, and devotes countless hours as a teaching volunteer as well as being the Master Adaptive Equipment Mechanic

Secretary and Grant Writer

Melody Lacy is affiliated with Marty Turcios as his personal assistant and life partner.  Melody is the researcher and fills out lots of forms and answers most phone calls and correspondence for the program.  Melody was past Rear Commodore of the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors and has done fund raising in disabled sports since her disabling injury in 1989.


Pete J. Schober III is affiliated with the Trans Bay Insurance Company, several PGA pros and a terrific friend and supporter of Marty Turcios’s program for many years.  Pete organizes fund raising golf tournaments for us that are very popular and as a lifelong athlete has much to offer as a trainer.

Marty TGF Christopher and Dana Reeve Gra
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